Saturday, June 18, 2016

New Features of QuickBooks Online 2016

You already know that QuickBooks Online is called a revulation performing software in the world of accounting. Quickbooks Online makes your life more easir. You can easily handle all the accounting staff of your small or large range business with the suuport of QuickBooks Online.

Recently quickbooks releases their new version. Their specialized team worked on various sector to fix bugs and make it more interactive with smothness. Some of the fixes and features are added below.

Improvements on Invoice

Invoice Share Link on Transaction Page

Invoice Share Link on New Invoice Creating Page

New Invoice Share Link Feature on Print Preview Page

Improvements on Product and Service section

The form of selecting product and service you also get the description of the product/service. What will help you to choice the right one.
Description added on Product/Service selection form

You also can search producting by description. So when type anything on search box it will also try to match them with description fields too.
Search for items by its description

Now you can easily truct your products and services by SKU. This is a great feature of new version. To display SKU on transaction forms go to Gear->Account and Settings->Sales->Products and Services -> Show SKU column.
Display SKU information

Your new invoice look after adding the sku column
Invoice Look after adding SKU

You also can add the SKU information on your print screen too. For that go to Gear->Custom Form Styles->New Style->Airy->Activity Table and check the SKU option box.
Add SKU on Print screen

New invoice look after adding SKU on print screen.
Printscreen Look after adding SKU

Beside those, Quickbooks Team also improve the performance of their software. Now it more faster and more smooth. Those are actually the basic features of new version. There are some more shortcuts added into this version. To learn more everything and to learn from depth you need to take a course on Quickbooks Online.

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Develop Easy 4th grade science projects

My first day of teaching was quite nerve wracking. I tried to tell myself that it would be okay, that I would sail through easily. I even tried to comfort myself by the fact that my audience was a class of 4th graders, and asked myself how hard could it be? It would seem that I did not do enough to convince myself because as soon as I stood before the class words escaped me. After introducing myself I did not know what else to say. I asked the rest of the class to introduce themselves as a way of buying time.

Critical 4th Graders

Within no time I found that these children could see through anything I could not just make up things and expect them to take it as gospel truth. The questions that followed ensured I was well prepared for any eventuality. You see science has always been perceived as a male dominated field, I do not know who told the children the same thing.
Each time I brought up a technical topic they would ask questions to find out if I really knew what I was talking about. This experience taught me that I should come up with easy 4th grade science< projects that would not stir up a lot of controversy for my young minds. Children now days seem to have an idea about anything, I do not know if it is the television, internet or just media in general that is doing the informing.
This is a good thing though because this informing makes my easy 4th grade science projects seem like a walk in the park. When children have an idea what you are talking about your job is half way done what is left up to you is to connect the dots for them. I remember when we carried out our first test after one of the easy 4th grade science projects, let us just say that ninety per cent of the class passed very well.

Working with the curriculum

When I saw how this kind of working helped in covering the curriculum I went through the whole curriculum to revise some of the projects that I had drawn up. These were the experiments I thought would work in delivering the curriculum to my class. I replaced most of these projects with the new easy 4th grade science projects which I found were more useful in delivering the subject of science to young children.
To make my experiments more interesting I allocated each student a role on a rotational basis. I prefer when each person participates so that the whole class feels they are included and appreciated in the class. When this kind of recognition takes place children feel good about the class and look forward to it. Can you imagine a child getting home to explain to his parents on how he led the class on an experiment on light! The child will appreciate science and the contribution it has in our world.